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Unnecessary Expenses That You’d Probably Still Comfortably Live Without

90% of shoppers buy items not on their shopping lists- and indication that people tend to spend unreasonably. Despite the high cost of living, most working Americans are uninformed of their unnecessarily expensive spending habits.

42% of them cite commuting costs as their number one unnecessary expense, which according to them, should be sufficiently reimbursed by their respective employers. Shockingly, there are other very trivial but unnecessary expenses they unknowingly incur, which they would comfortably live without:

Buying Coffee On Your Way To Work

Several compelling reasons have been given to explain why you ought to buy a cup of latte in the morning as you head work. While this is a very convenient option, it has proven to be an unnecessary wallet-emptying habit.

Ashley Feinstein, a New York certified money coach, was shocked when she realized that her $4.30 latte each morning accumulated to an annual cost of $1200. She then decided to drink the free coffee at work and instead use the $1200 to take a family vacation to Spain.

Buying Lunch At Work

Two-thirds of working Tuscon Americans spend about $2000 a year on lunch alone, instead of packing it. To curb this, experts advise people to carry packed lunch to the office. A simple calculation shows that carrying left over supper or sandwiches to the office is more profitable than buying lunch on a regular basis.

Title Loans

Beware of taking out title loans unless you know what you are getting into. If you get Tucson title loans and don’t know what you are doing, then you could wind up paying a lot of interest fees or possibly lose your car.

Satellite/ Cable TV

The average price for expanded cable service increased by 2.5% from 2013 to 2014, making cable TV more expensive.

Many Americans in Tucson have discovered that this is an unnecessary expense, especially when Netflix and free streaming TV cost almost nothing. To put it in perspective, back in 2010 and 2014, the number of people no longer subscribed to satellite or cable TV increased by 7.6 million households.

You could hesitate to eliminate this cost particularly when you consider the cons of cutting cable TV, but the truth is, most of the time, you only watch a small fraction of the hundreds of channels you pay for.

Gym Membership

Joining a gym is a fantastic way to get fit. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive. Luckily for you though, this is not the only way to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In warm months like summer, gym membership is utterly pointless. Gym-free activities such as morning runs, city walks in the evening and practicing yoga at home are great ways of getting fit for free.

Buying A Second Car

The United States has a national average of 2 cars per household. This means that the family spends double the amount one person spends on fuel and car service a year.
Second cars especially for working families seem to be extremely important to ensure efficiency and convenience while going to work. While this is true, carpooling seems to be a better option. By strategically living in a central position, spouses can drop each other off at work in the morning and prevent the use of second cars.

To conclude, your spending habits can cost you a great deal. Forfeiting bought coffee and lunch alone every day could save you $3200 a year, cash that would tremendously help you cater to other important and necessary expenses. You should ensure that you practice great discipline, self-control and pre-plan your expenditure.