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Tech Breakthroughs That’ll Rock 2017

tech breakthrough !!

2016 is poised to be a year that’ll completely change the tech industry. Professional tech enthusiasts and casual tech-lovers alike are getting amped about some of the upcoming new releases that are easily some of the most-anticipated developments in recent years.


Virtual Reality


It’s been a long time coming. Featured in just about every piece of sci-fi, virtual reality has long been considered to be one of those benchmarks. When it finally happens, we’ll all know we’ve really made it the “the future!”


Since then, VR has been somewhat of a disappointment. But with new developments, VR is about to go mainstream.


The highly-anticipated Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are both slated to release in 2016 after many setbacks. These will likely lay the groundwork for increasingly sophisticated virtual reality tech over the next several years.



Drones have previously brought to mind far-reaching and inefficient tech, or creepy consequences or expenses. But drones are getting safer and smarter in 2016.


They’re purported to start becoming easier to fly (for the drone piloting novice), getting waterproofed, and will receive camera quality upgrades. This will make it better for the average person to start piloting droids with relative ease.


Wireless Charging


It’s about time! Wireless charging will see a major spike in 2016. Coffee shops everywhere are getting equipped with the tech, and more companies are investing in cross-brand standards. So in 2016, Apples, Androids, Samsungs, and every recent laptop or tablet model will likely be able to charge at any wireless power station.


Even cars and furniture are getting equipped, so the age-old wall plugs will be rendered obsolete by 2017.


Better Voice-Operated Tech


In the early stages of voice-operated tech, users were frustrated. Our robot underlings couldn’t seem to understand us. It was too much trouble to bother with.


But now that the tech has improved, 2016 will usher in a more service-oriented era. Virtual assistants with voice-operated tech will hit it big. Improvements to standards like Siri are expected, but more common household electronics will also start listening.


TVs, sound systems, cars, toys, and at-home electronic helpers (like the viral sensation, Jibo,  that has yet to hit the market) will all be equipped with the new-and-improved voice-operated tech to make our lives easier.


Improved Cameras


It seemed like camera tech in our smartphones, laptops, etc. plateaued for a while. But now they’re better than ever in 2016, and boasting some cool new capabilities.


Image quality is expected to improve in 2016, but so is 3-D rendering, depth perception, light processing, zoom capabilities, and more. Even standard smartphone cameras will get multiple lenses and sensors to improve the varying focal lengths. More megapixels are just the beginning.


Fewer Wires, More Wearables


Even headphone cables are on the way out in 2016. With increased wireless capability, fewer devices will be limited by cables and wires in the new year.


This means more possibilities for wearable tech. Everything will be able to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth-type connectivity or to the Cloud. Clothing, fitness accessories, watches, shoes, and more will receive wireless wearable upgrades in 2016.