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5 Best New Features Apple Added In Its iOS 9.3

After iOS 9.2 update, iOS 9.3 is perhaps  (because Apple never stops) the quickest and the third major update Apple has made to its mobile operating system since the release of iOS 9 in September apart from the iPad Mini 4, Apple TV and iPhone 6S.


However, like the previous 9.2,  it is not just a minor update, but a series of new and innovative apps and improvement of the previously added apps for the provision of more comfort and reliability for Apple users.


If you are still not sure what additions have been made by Apple, here is a rundown of the five best features of Apple iOS 9.3, the beta version to the developers.

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Tech Breakthroughs That’ll Rock 2017

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2016 is poised to be a year that’ll completely change the tech industry. Professional tech enthusiasts and casual tech-lovers alike are getting amped about some of the upcoming new releases that are easily some of the most-anticipated developments in recent years.


Virtual Reality


It’s been a long time coming. Featured in just about every piece of sci-fi, virtual reality has long been considered to be one of those benchmarks. When it finally happens, we’ll all know we’ve really made it the “the future!”


Since then, VR has been somewhat of a disappointment. But with new developments, VR is about to go mainstream.


The highly-anticipated Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are both slated to release in 2016 after many setbacks. These will likely lay the groundwork for increasingly sophisticated virtual reality tech over the next several years.

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Microsoft Warns Enterprises Either Upgrade To Windows 10 Or Be Left Behind

When Microsoft released Windows 10 formally on September 30, 2014 and finally on July 29, 2015, the Redmond-based tech-giant had expected a lot of things from it. But seeing the negative press around the adoption rates of this self-acclaimed operating system, or, so to say, in order to solidify their place in the market, the company has now decided to talk only about how 200 million people have installed Windows 10 within just five months, instead of divulging how enterprises are putting off their Windows 10 migrations.


The company, therefore, does not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to a substantial effort to have Windows 10 installed on the majority of functioning operating systems among the enterprise and consumer market.


As you know Microsoft and Intel have been closely working together for quite some time now. Taking advantage of this close connection between Windows and Intel’s CPU’s, Microsoft has consciously designed the former on the principles that support the latest Intel chipset innovations. Talking about this particular aspect, Microsoft published a blog which mentioned:

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Major Android Performance Problems That App Developers Have To Face

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Behind every great thing, there is a great mind. The same applies to the creative brains of those app developers who make the most and best use of their creative skills and come up with apps that have made all your daily chores simpler than before.


From games like Candy Crush Saga to e-Book reader like Wattpad, or from news apps to weather apps, almost every app you see today is the result of the highly creative brains of these app developers. However, when a developer starts working on an Android app, there are several areas that cannot be left behind without utmost care and consideration. The problem either occurs in the designing phase or in the implementation phase, but it severely affects the performance and efficiency of the app.


So, let’s talk about some vital problems that are very common in Android, and almost every app developer has to face these issues.

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