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5 Best New Features Apple Added In Its iOS 9.3

After iOS 9.2 update, iOS 9.3 is perhaps  (because Apple never stops) the quickest and the third major update Apple has made to its mobile operating system since the release of iOS 9 in September apart from the iPad Mini 4, Apple TV and iPhone 6S.


However, like the previous 9.2,  it is not just a minor update, but a series of new and innovative apps and improvement of the previously added apps for the provision of more comfort and reliability for Apple users.


If you are still not sure what additions have been made by Apple, here is a rundown of the five best features of Apple iOS 9.3, the beta version to the developers.



CarPlay is the advance app that makes your driving more pleasurable and safe even when you are driving and talking on the phone simultaneously. CarPlay is a new app with iOS 9.3 to rock the driving experience of Apple users. The app is controlled through SIRI over the voice that functions with or without touch. Now, you can work with your car controls from your Apple device without any hassle. If your vehicle is equipped with CarPlay, you can do various tasks based on your performance while driving. You can also use music, maps or other functions and enjoy your road trip.




Are you afraid that the bright blue light in the evening from the mobile is the reason behind your sleep disorder?  Then check NightShift, a new app in Apple iOS9.3 that has specifically been designed to reduce the amount of blue light on an iOS device.

Now, you don’t need to adjust the light of your phone manually, the app is here to help you with automatic shifting of the color of the display when the Sun goes down. The regular color display automatically takes its place. So, forget about circadian rhythm, Night Shift will take care of your problem.


Notes: Get more secured with fingerprint password


The most important app on your smartphone where you keep all your important data is now more secured with new iOS 9.3’s Notes. It allows protecting your data under the usual password lock or new fingerprint lock. You can also sort your notes based on creation, modification or alphabetically as per your comfort.


Health app-related apps are now at your fingertips


Earlier third party apps were not easy to find on  the Apple smartphones, but with this new advanced feature of Health App, you can now easily track the third-party health apps. You get to a new slider menu to reveal all these third party apps on your health dashboard. The app also monitors your stand data, exercises, and movements and helps you compare your health matrix in one place.


New Education App or students and teachers both


Apple has introduced engaging ways of learning with the help of iOS9.3 betas. The mission reshaping education now enables teachers to guide their students through learning apps like iOS9.3 Education App. The great app not only lets their teachers keep track of their students’ progress, but it also allows students to log into iPad and do many works such as creating ID, sharing notes, access to all class notes, documents, books. The app truly works as a teaching assistant for both teachers and students.


Get personalized news quickly


What if you get news exactly as per your specific interest? Yes, with the improved version of Apple’s news app in iOS 9.3, you can now easily discover the new favorites, check editor’s picks, watch news video from the feed and even know about the latest stories, which appear faster than before.


The 3D touch shortcut is a real game changer that allows 3D touch on the settings icons. You can easily and quickly switch on/off Wi-Fi faster, can check the battery settings and even change the Bluetooth at the non-realistic speed.


So, what more you expect from this tech-giant, there is always a new and great thing waiting to enhance your experience.