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Unnecessary Expenses That You’d Probably Still Comfortably Live Without

90% of shoppers buy items not on their shopping lists- and indication that people tend to spend unreasonably. Despite the high cost of living, most working Americans are uninformed of their unnecessarily expensive spending habits.

42% of them cite commuting costs as their number one unnecessary expense, which according to them, should be sufficiently reimbursed by their respective employers. Shockingly, there are other very trivial but unnecessary expenses they unknowingly incur, which they would comfortably live without:

Buying Coffee On Your Way To Work

Several compelling reasons have been given to explain why you ought to buy a cup of latte in the morning as you head work. While this is a very convenient option, it has proven to be an unnecessary wallet-emptying habit.

Ashley Feinstein, a New York certified money coach, was shocked when she realized that her $4.30 latte each morning accumulated to an annual cost of $1200. She then decided to drink the free coffee at work and instead use the $1200 to take a family vacation to Spain.

Buying Lunch At Work

Two-thirds of working Tuscon Americans spend about $2000 a year on lunch alone, instead of packing it. To curb this, experts advise people to carry packed lunch to the office. A simple calculation shows that carrying left over supper or sandwiches to the office is more profitable than buying lunch on a regular basis.

Title Loans

Beware of taking out title loans unless you know what you are getting into. If you get Tucson title loans and don’t know what you are doing, then you could wind up paying a lot of interest fees or possibly lose your car.

Satellite/ Cable TV

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Will Laser Induced Graphene Make Batteries Obsolete?


If you are like me and not up to date in the technology world then you have probably never heard of graphene. Well graphene is a thin layer of pure carbon matter. It is a single, tightly packed layer of carbon atoms that are actually bonded together in a hexagonal pattern. This type of organic material can be produced with low costs, is 207 times stronger than steel, and one of the thinnest compounds known. It is also one of the best electrical conductors around, which is why scientists have been researching how graphene might eventually replace the battery.


Scientists compare graphene with lithium-ion batteries

Scientists have been working with graphene to see how it can be used in technology. They have found that batteries might be replaced with laser- induced graphene made supercapacitors, used for storing power. In fact, researchers at Rice University in Houston, Texas have been working on ways to make micro superconductors out of laser-induced graphene. Unlike the usual lithographic process, LIG-produced supercapacitors take only minutes to make, and the only materials needed are a polyimide plastic sheet and a computer operated laser. Researchers discovered that the computer operated laser would burn everything on the polyimide, except the carbon from the top layer, where graphene remains. An official statement from lead researcher, James Tour, was given during a press release. Tour stated that, “It’s a pain in the neck to build micro supercapacitors now. They require a lot of lithographic steps. But these we can make in minutes: We burn the patterns, add electrolyte and cover them.”

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What Can I Do If I Don’t Have Money to Pay My Taxes?

Are you having a difficult time due to the toughness of economic times? Have you heard about online registration loans that can help? Whether or not you have, let’s take a look at what you can do if you don’t have money to pay your taxes. You don’t want to get the IRS on your back or you will have many days of stress and frustration.

The Solutions

Let’s say that you have already prepared your income taxes or you have not yet begun working on it as most people haven’t. It is still early in the year, but the sooner, the better. When you do your taxes sooner will reveal if you owe the IRS money or you deserve an income tax refund.

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Is Bitcoin Really The Future Of Money?

bitcoin (1)

Not a lot of people are familiar with the concept of Bitcoin. In fact, it can get to be a tedious task even for professionals like cryptographers to be able to wrap their heads around this term. For those who are wondering what it really means, Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency that was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2008; to enable direct transaction without an intermediary. It is a simple, peer – to – peer system wherein the transactions are verified through the network nodes. It is often regarded as the first cryptocurrency of the world. It is the largest of its kind in terms of total market value.


Like mentioned previously, the majority of us are either unaware or choose not to accept the existence of such a decentralized system. The subsequent unpopularity of Bitcoin is partially due to the fact that you won’t find the establishment of cryptocurrency at many places. For an ordinary citizen like you, it may get slightly tedious to actually search for a restaurant of a cabbie who accepts Bitcoin as payment because there are literally none, and if there exist any one, it is not considered reliable.


Just a few highly-ranked professionals such as entrepreneurs, crypto-geeks and to a certain extent, economists are truly a part of the Bitcoin community. The possibility of the U.S. government banning this form of currency is haunting the minds of this little community.


A gradual change can be observed over a span of last two years. After the venture capitalists revealed their interest of making use of Bitcoin into their startups; there has been a noteworthy rise, but that’s quite slow. Moreover, China’s undivided interest further added Bitcoin’s value to over $1,000. This was great news for the small community that was already engaged in the systematic use of Bitcoin. Crypto-geeks turned multimillionaires overnight and Bitcoin began to be used even by a number of well – established businesses.

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5 Best New Features Apple Added In Its iOS 9.3

After iOS 9.2 update, iOS 9.3 is perhaps  (because Apple never stops) the quickest and the third major update Apple has made to its mobile operating system since the release of iOS 9 in September apart from the iPad Mini 4, Apple TV and iPhone 6S.


However, like the previous 9.2,  it is not just a minor update, but a series of new and innovative apps and improvement of the previously added apps for the provision of more comfort and reliability for Apple users.


If you are still not sure what additions have been made by Apple, here is a rundown of the five best features of Apple iOS 9.3, the beta version to the developers.

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Tech Breakthroughs That’ll Rock 2017

tech breakthrough !!

2016 is poised to be a year that’ll completely change the tech industry. Professional tech enthusiasts and casual tech-lovers alike are getting amped about some of the upcoming new releases that are easily some of the most-anticipated developments in recent years.


Virtual Reality


It’s been a long time coming. Featured in just about every piece of sci-fi, virtual reality has long been considered to be one of those benchmarks. When it finally happens, we’ll all know we’ve really made it the “the future!”


Since then, VR has been somewhat of a disappointment. But with new developments, VR is about to go mainstream.


The highly-anticipated Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are both slated to release in 2016 after many setbacks. These will likely lay the groundwork for increasingly sophisticated virtual reality tech over the next several years.

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Microsoft Warns Enterprises Either Upgrade To Windows 10 Or Be Left Behind

When Microsoft released Windows 10 formally on September 30, 2014 and finally on July 29, 2015, the Redmond-based tech-giant had expected a lot of things from it. But seeing the negative press around the adoption rates of this self-acclaimed operating system, or, so to say, in order to solidify their place in the market, the company has now decided to talk only about how 200 million people have installed Windows 10 within just five months, instead of divulging how enterprises are putting off their Windows 10 migrations.


The company, therefore, does not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to a substantial effort to have Windows 10 installed on the majority of functioning operating systems among the enterprise and consumer market.


As you know Microsoft and Intel have been closely working together for quite some time now. Taking advantage of this close connection between Windows and Intel’s CPU’s, Microsoft has consciously designed the former on the principles that support the latest Intel chipset innovations. Talking about this particular aspect, Microsoft published a blog which mentioned:

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Major Android Performance Problems That App Developers Have To Face

computer guy

Behind every great thing, there is a great mind. The same applies to the creative brains of those app developers who make the most and best use of their creative skills and come up with apps that have made all your daily chores simpler than before.


From games like Candy Crush Saga to e-Book reader like Wattpad, or from news apps to weather apps, almost every app you see today is the result of the highly creative brains of these app developers. However, when a developer starts working on an Android app, there are several areas that cannot be left behind without utmost care and consideration. The problem either occurs in the designing phase or in the implementation phase, but it severely affects the performance and efficiency of the app.


So, let’s talk about some vital problems that are very common in Android, and almost every app developer has to face these issues.

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Top 10 Tech Blogs of 2015

Top 10 Tech Blogs of 2015

As the format of blogging continues to evolve, 2015 saw some standout tech blogs emerging from the masses. These blogs are considered to be some of the top tech news resources, offer unbiased reviews on the technology that you’re most curious about, and cut through some of the rampant marketing that influences so many of our decisions and thoughts about tech. Most of them are pretty darn fun, too.

Some newcomers, some old standbys…these blogs are at the top of the tech blogging game for good reason. Here are 10 of the best tech blogs of 2015 in no particular order:


  1. TechRadar

TechRadar is one of the most popular online sources for gadgetry reviews. They have an insanely helpful rating system for smartphones, tablets, etc. Lots of tech blogs will get too hung up on Apple products (or really any one specific brand that they favor) but some of TechRadar’s best blog articles have been about Android devices, features, and apps.

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